The Dangers that come from flirting with the Dark Side

The Lord our God has Called me to the Interwebs to Witness His Glory and to Use my Christian Powers to speak for Rep. Tom Tancredo–whom God the Father has called to serve as the Next President of Our Dominion.

No other Candidate is prepared to Serve the Lord and the Lord is certainly not supporting any other candidate. In fact, all other Candidates on the Republican side are Agents of the Dark Side and cannot be trusted.

Mitt Romney has a history of consorting with Homosexuals and is supported by Gay Homosexual special interest groups, who are among his close circle of Advisors. As Mayor of New York, abortionist Rudolf Giuliani lost support from brave police and manly firefighters who stood firm to fend off a muslim invasion on 9/11, as they learned of his Homosexual Proclivities. Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback have such Limitations and Deficiencies in pridefulness and the Bearance of False Witness that they do not deserve further comment.

Servants of the Beast and self-styled experts falsely claim to have Visions of the Future when they ‘wisely’ counsel that God’s-Chosen Candidate is “not electable.” Nothing could be further from the Reality of His Holy Mission for the United States.

During the upcoming primaries, Voters will Pray to Our Lord for His Divine guidance and He will intervene, in much the same way that He intervened and sent us his Chosen Son, and direct voters to vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo.

For the following InterTube Video is what happened to one Holy Woman, who defied the Wisdom of God to briefly co-habitate with Desecrator. I must warn you that This is so Horrific in nature, that it must be shown to all Children of God, including very young ones.


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