Support our mission to kill muslims and fighters in Iraq

It costs money to elect True Christian brothers as our president. The Republican Party is the party of Christian salvation and also the party of Free Enterprise. When Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes the next Republican nominee, he will receive millions of dollars in prayers and support from the Republican National Committee.

The bright young Christians at the Republican National Committee have been brainstorming on new ways to drum up support. What better way than to sell essential branded items with the Official Republican Party logo and logos of Republican National Committee subdivisions.

I have urged all of my parishioners to buy these products.

I am most attracted to the lapel pin below, with the catchy Yellow Elephant, which raises funds through the Young College Republicans, brave white Christians who do the Lord’s work under threat of constant persecution deep in enemy territory, at dangerously liberal colleges and universities throughout the country.



2 Responses to “Support our mission to kill muslims and fighters in Iraq”

  1. Bovinity Says:

    I was raised Lutheran. Private schools, musician in the church band, the works. That upbringing virtually guaranteed my becoming an agnostic, who is borderline athiest. I feel religion is the cause of almost every war, and almost every bit of large scale violence on the planet. HOWEVER, Never has their been a bigger threat to the planet than the muslim “faith”. Muslims need to be eliminated, their “religion” needs to be eliminated, and records of them should be wiped out, leaving no trace that they were ever here. Sadly, this will never happen, but I support your vision, and wish you the best of luck on that front. Stop fighting the unimportant issues for now. Abortion and gay marriage are things you can focus on later. If the muslim savages are not eliminated, abortion and gay marriage will truly be the least of your worries. Seriously. However strong you feel about those issues, you will not be ABLE to fight for your cause if you are forced underground by muslim “overlords” who will ban ALL other religion, and kill those found practicing it. Focus on what matters. Right now, the only threat that matters is the muslim threat. There will be nothing but suffering and death if they are not stopped. The future is a very troubled place right now.

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Dear Brother or Sister Bovinity-

    Although there is much to agree with your message, and I’m also extremely pleased to hear you’ve managed to extricate yourself from the Cult of Thug-like Lutherans, I will pray that you find the Christian God and sublimate your feelings to accept the Lord Jesus as your savior and Life Wander leader.

    Because, quite frankly, nobody is going to ever take an agnostic atheist seriously. Indeed, I have half a mind to ban you from this interblog precisely because of the impetuous way you approach issues of Holy Faith. If we didn’t share so much common ground with respect to the muslim crisis, you’d be long gone by now.


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