Rep. Tancredo proposes to use illegal immigrants to build border fence

Presidential Candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo, who has been chosen by God the Lord to lead our Great Dominion is a strong advocate of building a border fence.  If the Soviet Union could build a 4000 mile long Iron Curtain, surely the Greatest Republic in the History of the World could build a 1500 mile fence on its mexican border.

He is also a strong advocate of putting an end to the illegal immigration problem by rounding up roaming packs of mexican rape squads and the illicit cultural networks that support such individuals.

But, with the soaring population of America’s prisons–soon to reach 2 million criminals–there is no place to put these illegals before we deport them.  Furthermore, since these mexicans are roaming in sanctuary cities throughout the United States, there is considerable cost to be paid associated with transporting them back to Tijuana.

Rep. Tom Tancredo prayed hard to God for guidance on this issue.

At supper prayers yesterday, I prayed to God the Father about this problem.  In my nighttime vision last night, God told me that Rep. Tom Tancredo has devised a simple solution, and that when people hear about it, Everyone will want to vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo.  So I have to tell you about it now.

It is so simple, it only takes a moment to describe:

Rep. Tom Tancredo will soon propose to use illegal immigrant day laborers, who are rounded up in his dragnet, to actually build the wall!!!  Is that brilliant or what?

Rep. Tom Tancredo will deduct from their wages the full cost associated  with rounding them up and transporting them back to mexico.  By his calculations, the typical day laborer who works 30 days building the wall will end up owing the United States Treasury, on average, $2469 each.

By this brilliant strategy, Rep. Tom Tancredo not only will dramatically reduce the cost of building the Impenetrable Border Wall, but he may even make a slight profit, which can be used to fund the Vicious Border Dog program that Rep. Tom Tancredo will initiate in his first 100 days in office.



5 Responses to “Rep. Tancredo proposes to use illegal immigrants to build border fence”

  1. Mai'ingan Says:

    One possible problem that I can see. The mexicans that’ll be deported probably won’t have the 2000$ to give back to the government. Then the mexicans probably wont even try to raise the money to get deported so it will stay on statu quo. Unless the government pays the bill to deport them.
    Furthermore, I fear that forcing them to work on a barrier, without any salary, would be considered as slaving those people.
    Now, although, if we look at Leviticus 25:44, slaving from nations that are around would not be a crime, it still is a crime if we follow the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. I think the context in which the two documents were very different, so I’d rather go with the Constitution. Without the impact on International relationships.
    In conclusion, even if Tom Tancredo was doing such a project, he’d have to allocate a budget for it.

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Dear Brother or Sister Mai’ingan-

    I’m partial to Leviticus myself, especially given the fact that the Constitution is a Divinely Inspired document, except for Amendments 13, 15, 18 and 19.


  3. Brother Yancy Says:

    Dear Mai

    As these people are here illegally they shouldn’t have the protections of the 14th amendment. Prisoners who are citizens are put on chain gangs all the time. They work on the roads around here. The 13th may come into play, but there again, the criminal status of the aliens mitigates.

    God Bless

  4. Rancido in 2011!! the president who'll make cents!! Says:

    “he’d have to allocate a budget for it.”
    where’s your entrapraurinal spirit!! tax the mexicans of course!! their steeling all our sochilist security enyway!!

  5. Rachel Dotter Says:


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