Rep. Tom Tancredo will protect us from the threat of communal and interspecies marriage

What gets lost in the Gay Marriage controversy is the nature of the true threat. Most people think Conservative Republican Christians are against gay Marriage because they are prejudiced against Gay Homosexuals.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Conservative Republican Christians are not prejudiced against Gay Homosexuals. They would gladly prefer to round them up and ship them off, to live out their lives on a private island. To simply give away to an entire group of people an entire island full of Expensive Beach Front property such as this one is an act of love, not hate. If they were truly prejudiced against Gay Homosexuals, Conservative Republican Christians would be chasing Gay Homosexuals around rural areas trying to catch and lynch them, like we did to Negroes. Since that isn’t happening, this is proof we aren’t prejudiced. If anything, Gay Homosexuals are hanging each other and don’t need our help.

No, what really bothers Christian Republican Conservatives about Gay Marriage, other than how it Mongrelizes our Christian Culture and is a Sin of Great Abomination, is that it leads down the slippery slope towards communal marriages, and marriages between a human and other species. The marriage between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman is precedent that will allow the marriage between a man and a dog or a farm animal.

Rep. Tom Tancredo has looked over the edge and sees this slippery slope:

If a community cannot limit marriage to a man and a woman, how can it stop two men and a woman or three women and two men from declaring a communal marriage?” Tancredo continued. “If a child is just as well off with two mommies instead of a mother and a father, why is it not even better off with four mommies or three daddies, when one of them is a mule and another is a Siberian Husky?

In my visions last night, God spoke to me in the most Powerful way he has ever spoken to me. He told me that He want’s Man to have Dominion over His creation and all of its Animals….but to only marry women. Human Women. He doesn’t want Man to marry Animals or other men.

God told me He has Empowered Rep. Tom Tancredo to two things as President of our Dominion: First, Rep. Tom Tancredo will make sure the Constitution is fixed so that this issue won’t ever come up again. Second, Rep. Tom Tancredo will, and I quote, “have my permission to be prejudiced against activists judges.”


One Response to “Rep. Tom Tancredo will protect us from the threat of communal and interspecies marriage”

  1. savvo Says:

    Watch out for those Gay Homosexuals. They’re so much more worse than ordinary common-or-garden everyday vanilla homosexuals.

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