Thompson Campaign staff falsely claim Sen. Fred on spiritual retreat in Purgatory

The Fred Thompson for President movement was at one time widely viewed as the only serious threat to the Presidential Aspirations and Candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo.

As a famous TV actor, Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson has honed the Skills of Satanic Seduction, as evidenced by the taking of multiple wives and probably bedding many, many more woman than that. He could be expected to use these demonic powers to draw heavily from the Women and Homosexual voting blocks, who lack the equipment to scrutinize Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson’s False Message to the degree White Christian Males are capable.

[As much as Rep. Tom Tancredo hates homosexuality and personally would NEVER commit or even think about committing a heinous act of homosexuality, whether at airports or department stores, he nonetheless welcomes the votes of heterosexual homosexuals. Heterosexual homosexuals are not sinners because they are powerless to resist their homosexual urges, which are being manipulated by Satanic Demons. They are also usually otherwise upstanding white Christian Republicans. On the other hand, Rep. Tom Tancredo does not welcome the vote of Gay Homosexuals-who ARE sinners because they openly parade and flaunt their decadent lifestyle before the Eyes of a Crying and Sorrowful Jesus-and would ask that such individuals vote for someone who probably could better use their help, like Sen. Sam Brownback or Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.]

In any event, this was all a concern until Fred Thompson actually announced his candidacy and began to Run for President, where his successful strategy of hiding from his campaign before actually entering the campaign is not working as well now that he has entered the campaign but is still hiding. He, in fact, promptly disappeared from the political landscape no sooner than immediately after he made his announcement that he was entering the political landscape. But not before leaving the Interwebs littered with despicable pornographic images of his busty wives, including his current wife, Mrs. Juggies Thompson, for whom he appears incapable of even bothering to hide his wanton lust.

At supper prayer last night, I asked God to Reveal the current whereabouts of Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson and I asked Jesus and His Father God whether Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson was actually still planning on Running for President, as I wished to assess the threat this poses to Rep. Tom Tancredo.

Later, during my night time visions, through Glorious Revelation, God told me–USING AMERICAN ENGLISH–that, since Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is-and I quote-“Not a prayerful Christian,” he didn’t know where he was located.

But God added that Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson has informed his campaign staff to answer all such inquiries, falsley, by stating, “Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is on a spiritual retreat, taking a brief Holiday in Purgatory so that he can be nearer to God. In communion with God, Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is both cleansing his Soul of his past sinfulness and contemplating the issues of Greatest Concern to Christian Republicans, so that he can better serve this constituency as President.


As any good Christian Republican can tell you, this despicable ploy to pander for the Christian Republican vote is laughable on its face. The deception and trickery and dirty campaign tactic will NOT work for one simple reason: Because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PURGATORY!!!

Purgatory is a concept that moronic Papists and the idolitrists who flock to the 1st-term aborted catholic ‘faith’ use so that they can lead Lives of Sin and Fornication, fooling themselves into believing there is a place to ‘Clean Their Souls’ after death and before Meeting the Glory of God.  As if there isn’t time enough on this Earth to prepare one’s Soul for All of Eternity!

What a joke! Does Sen. Fred Thompson really think that Christian Republicans are that stupid???!?!?!

I’ll tell you who respects the minds and intellects of Christian Republicans. Rep. Tom Tancredo!! The next President of Our Dominion, and the President after that, too!!!!


5 Responses to “Thompson Campaign staff falsely claim Sen. Fred on spiritual retreat in Purgatory”

  1. Brother McGregor UK Ministry Says:


  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother McG-UK-M

    All Praise goes to God


  3. Brother Bear Says:

    Dearest Rev. Hipple:

    I think the perhaps Mr. Thompson, realizing that women can vote, is trying to get the Republican Female vote, he obviously is a womanizer and is using his powers to steal the Presidency.

    Luckily there is over a year left, so any Good Christian (Republican Baptist) men will reign in their Hussy wives and get them to vote correctly so our country will still be the United States of Christ!

    Praise the Lord!

  4. Brother Yancy, USN Ret. Says:

    Dear Rev. H.

    And recall wrongfully-accused President Nixon’s assesment of Fred – “He’s really dumb, isn’t he?”
    Haldeman: “Yes, I am afraid he is.”


  5. miracle Says:

    I really think more people should explore thier spiritual side.

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