Paul Campaign deploys child slave labor

It may come as a shocking surprise to some of you, but not to me.

We now have photographic evidence that the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul for President campaign is breaking child labor laws, slavery laws, and probably child pornography laws while it uses children to disseminate the twisted, dark and Demon-inspired selfish message of their False Messiah

.Paul worker forces children, against their will, to Proselytize for Paul

In this picture, you can see an Evil Paul Campaign worker yell and threaten bodily harm to obviously distraughtt young boys to waken the occupant of that house so that she can give him Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign literature and threaten to burn down his house unless he supports Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.

It is further alluded that the boys, who live in that neighborhood, understand that the occupant of the house is a perverted philanderer and child fornicator, a convicted sex offender, who is known, on occasion, to hold young children hostage and to torture their small pets.

Rep. Tom Tancredo will find these actions of the Paul campaign despicable when he hears about them, and will wonder if they are not a campaign orchestrated by Nazi-inspired sadists operating the Bavarian arm of the Paul campaign.


2 Responses to “Paul Campaign deploys child slave labor”

  1. cement Says:

    ROTFL, best blog news today.

  2. Shirley Says:


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