Declaring all mexicans as Nazis can solve illegal immigration problem quickly

When elected President of the United States of America, Rep. Tom Tancredo promises, in his first 100 days of office, to deport all illegal immigrants from our Great Dominion, not just the Nazi illegal immigrants.

A President Rep. Tom Tancredo won’t be selective about who is rounded up and who is shipped out. This is in contrast to our current administration, who can’t get around to deporting any illegal immigrants, unless they are nazi’s. Getting the deportations of illegal immigrants rolling will be an important first step on The Divine Pathway that will carry our Christian Nation back onto the Road of Righteousness, not to mention saving our women and children from roaming packs of mexican rape squads.

Nevertheless, Rep. Tom Tancredo is as wise and pragmatic as he is God-Fearing. He understands that the roots of our illegal immigration problem not only lie in the fertile soil of the inherent lawlessness of colored people, but also reflect a difficult political dimension.

It is interesting that just this week the current Federal Administration has discovered, living outside of Atlanta, an 85 year old man who’s only real crime is that he lied to gain entry into this country. Coincidentally, and by his own admission through no fault of his own, he also happens to be a former Nazi and SS guard stationed at WWII concentration camps in charge of using attack dogs against the prisoners held in the camps. The federal government has moved quickly to deport this illegal immigrant.

I spoke with Rep. Tom Tancredo during my nightly vision just last night. We were discussing how quickly the government moved to deport this quiet old German man. We concluded it could only have happened with the support of the almost rabid-like eagerness of the Jewish-Business-Banker-Israel Cartel, which has such a firm grip on governmental power.

And then, through the Power of Divine Revelation, we both, at the same time, saw a strategy that can as quickly get the Wheels of Justice rolling to rid our nation of the 20 million illegal immigrants, who for the most part are mexicans: We simply charge all illegal mexican immigrants to be former members of elite units of the Nazi Waffen SS who served as guards at notorious concentration camps and whatnot.

That should get the Jewish-Banker-Israeli coalition behind the total illegal immigration problem, not just behind the nazi german illegal immigration problem, which won’t be much of a problem soon since most of them will be dead in another couple of years. So this will give them something else to do.


6 Responses to “Declaring all mexicans as Nazis can solve illegal immigration problem quickly”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This proposed plan of yours, well, I will simply state is rather…idiotic. To start off, to call Mexican immigrants Nazis, well, its rather dumb. Not only are Nazis of Germanic origin and only allow people of pure “Aryan” blood in their National Socialist organization; but I highly doubt any Hispanic would associate themselves with such a group. Sure, I may not enjoy the fact that many immigrants are flooding into our country and such, but regardless, a great deal of them are looking for anew. Shouldn’t us, of all people understand that, since after all most of our ancestors are immigrants themselves. Yeah, I hardly doubt anyones ancestors originally were from the United States. Everyones roots trace back to some country, most from the Eastern part of our world. But, I’m ranting now. Anyways, you can only accuse them of being facist or communists, and to actually prove it is rather hard, for I doubt you have any actual proof of this. I would have to say that you need to think these things over more. If not…well, you would simply make an anus out of yourself. I’m finish here. No need to continue on foiling your poorly planned and rather pathetic plans.

  2. sa Says:

    deport all mexicans

  3. sa Says:

    deport the job stealing mexicans

  4. sa Says:

    get out of our country

  5. Yup Says:

    End the plague. Stop the infection. Defend against the invasion.

    Fuck Mexicans, fuck Mexico.

    Not invited, not welcome. Get the fuck out.

  6. anonymous Says:

    All countries have the right to protect themselves from illegal immigrants. They ususually work for less,take jobs from citizens, and always have a very different culture, often illegal by our standards- mass addictive drug importation , forced prostitution, etc.
    It is time that the usa deported in mass these people to wherever they came from- mainly mexico.

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