The Case Against Dr. Rep. Ron Paul

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is Running for President of the United States of America Under God as a Republican candidate.   Although he does not represent a serious challenge to the candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo, it is important to discuss all the candidates and consider their relative strengths and weaknesses.

The case that can be made against Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is as extraordinary as it is exhaustive.

  • Dr Rep. Ron Paul is not the only candidate with a grass roots following.  Rep. Tom Tancredo also has a grass roots following.  The single biggest difference between them is that  Rep. Tom Tancredo’s grass root followers are stronger and more Divinely Inspired by the Lord God.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has never stated whether he is a Christian Republican, and we can therefore conclude that he is most likely an atheist Republican, which makes him more like a Demon-crat than anything else.  Even the papist Sen. Sam Brownback would be better than Dr. Rep. Ron Paul in this regard.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul practiced medicine as an OB/GYN, which coincidentally is the same specialty that most, if not all, abortionists of little unborn baby boys and baby girls are trained in.
  • Dr. Rep Ron Paul has never denied that he is an abortionist of unborn baby boys and girls.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul openly admits that he is backed by a loosely organized cadre of self-described ‘insurgents’.  Coincidentally, we are fighting a war over there so we won’t have to fight al-qaeda insurgents over here.  We can conclude from this that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s major financial backer is Osama Bin Laden.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s most significant constituency at this early stage in the campaign are groups of European’s, including the Bavarians for Ron Paul thug-like Lutherans.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul seeks to become a high priest of evolution, which poses an extraordinary threat to the Sanctity of Our Religion and Religious practices.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is curiously silent regarding the perverse acts of sodomy and impropriety of Sen. Larry Craig, which probably means that Dr. Rep Ron Paul has never passed by an interstate rest area that he didn’t want to stop and spend some time in the restroom stalls.
  • Dr. Rep Ron Paul intends to replace the US Dollar Currency, the only Currency in the World that is Blessed by the Word of God, with the Euro, and intends to open our borders to illegal aliens from Europe, who he seeks to mongrelize with illegal aliens from mexico.
  • Dr. Rep Ron Paul is clearly not a Republican, and is most likely a Democrat or a Libertarian…but he is defintely NOT a Republican

9 Responses to “The Case Against Dr. Rep. Ron Paul”

  1. Spirit of '76 Says:

    You have just broken the Lord’s divine commandment many times:


    1.) Tom Tancredo’s following is NOT “stronger” than Ron Paul’s. Ron Paul has won more Republican straw polls than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE.

    2.) Ron Paul is a Baptist. His rally in Pittsburgh both opened and closed with prayer. He has stated many times that he believes that we do not get our rights from the government, but that they come from directly to us from our God.

    3.) Ron Paul has delivered over 4,000 babies. He is adamantly pro-life. He has never performed an abortion.

    4.) Yes, he has stated that he is not an abortionist. He has said it many times.

    5.) When did he ever say he was backed by “insurgents”? How can you make the logical leap that his supporters, Americans who want to be Free, are funded by Osama bin Laden. Ron Paul voted FOR going after Osama bin Laden, and he wants to know why we stopped going after Osama and went into Iraq instead.

    6.) This is another blatant lie. Ron Paul’s greatest constituency is among Freedom-loving Americans. One can see this by looking at the numbers of meetup groups dedicated to promoting his campaign.

    7.) This is ridiculous. Where has Ron Paul ever mentioned becoming “a high priest of evolution”? Where does he even talk about evolution? Those who support the doctrine of Intelligent Design or Creationism over evolution should be THRILLED with Ron Paul, since he wants to restore your constitutional right to practice your religion without interference from the federal government.

    8.) Ron Paul is not in the business of attacking people or gossiping, so why should he comment on Craig?

    9.) Ron Paul supports a dollar based on gold, a substance spoken of many times in the Bible. He is also strongly opposed to open borders and amnesty.

    10.) Ron Paul is the only Republican running for President. The rest are neoconservative big government politicians who have completely forgotten the ideals of the Republican Party.

    In conclusion, please stop violating the Lord’s commandment by bearing false witness against Ron Paul. Thank you.

  2. Susan Says:

    You, sir, are a liar. Nothing you have written here is true, and is easily disproven. Even though I am a Paul supporter, I have respect for Tom Tancredo, and I don’t think he would appreciate you linking his name with these lies.

  3. bbartlog Says:

    I got to the third bullet point before realizing it was a troll! Well played, sir.

  4. Richard Says:

    Man, this is some funny shit!

    What on earth are you smoking?

  5. JohnnyB Says:

    That diatribe is almost as funny as the new Fox News attempt at commedy news, with the recorded laughter like in Hogans Heroes. I simply do not know where to start and although I like Tancredo, (secretary of the interior) he simply will not be an honest broker about other issues killing the ecountry.

  6. joe Says:

    I would like to vote for someone of the highest integrity, and does not use God for political purposes. But rather shows his faith through his actions and spreads values by living them, not just talking about them. I think finally I can.

  7. nh4ronpaul Says:

    I am hoping the Ron Paul campaign will sue you over the libelous statements you have made in this article. That’s all I can say.

    I hope someone will report this to the campaign.

    Ron Paul is the best Republican and has the best record on voting on EVERYTHING.
    This just shows that the few Tancredo supporters are real nutcases.
    Ron Paul is now polling the mainstream at 5% which means he’s about 15% altogether.

    He is no liberal. He has never performed an abortion and has said so.

  8. Mike Says:

    Please, whoever you are, keep writing.

  9. Brother Yancy, USN Ret. Says:

    Rev Hipple

    Good evening, my old friend. I hope you are doing well. I see you are still in earnest with your candidate. I admire a man who sticks to his guns. We miss you at Republican Faith Ministries and you are welcome to come comment at any time.

    Brother Yancy

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