Rep. Tom Tancredo blasts Katrina recovery effort on theological grounds

Rep. Tom Tancredo is out in front of all the other Christian Republican Presidential Candidates once again.

On the 2nd anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina Act of God, Rep. Tom Tancredo has spoken out to deplore the recovery effort.  Specifically, he is now the first of the Christian Republican candidates to go out on the record and deride the local, county and state Negroes in the region for not getting anything done themselves and shiftlessly waiting around for federal government handouts, most of which they’ve wasted in acts of fraud and deceit.

Through Prayer with Our Lord it has been revealed to me that Rep. Tom Tancredo knows, firstly, that the Hurricane Katrina was an Act of God, one which He used as an Instrument of Divine Justice.

For there is no city in our Dominion more depraved than is New Orleans, which has been a hotbed of Democrat-inspired and -coddled perversity and perversion for over 3 centuries, and a veritable sanctuary harbor for all manner of illegal aliens, including muslim bomb squads and packs of mexican rape squads.  New Orleans has been the location of horrific acts of public fornication, sodomy and sexual perversity, including young, slender men who dress and act like harlot woman and entice unsuspecting innocent gentlemen who are lonely while on convention and experiencing a transient moment of spiritual weakness.

In fact, Rep. Tom Tancredo was inspired to Run for President because of The Destruction of New Orleans by Our Heavenly Father, because like all Christians, Rep. Tom saw it as the Sign from God and the fulfillment of Prophetic Scripture.

And therefore, Rep. Tom Tancredo has developed and attuned a finely honed political philosophy that it is NOT the Government’s job to undo an Act of Divine Justice.

The negroes who run that forsaken, soulless desert will be better off for rebuilding it themselves.  The government has given them $114 billion worth of trailers to live in, and that is flat out enough trailers.  They’ll just need to make do with what they have.


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