Did Sen. Sam Brownback have an abortion?

Although Sen. Sam Brownback no longer represents a threat to the election of Rep. Tom Tancredo as President of the United States of American Dominion, one must wonder if ‘problems’ of a personal nature are in any way coupled to his ‘disappearance’ from the minds of voters and the way he seems to be rapidly losing key constituents and focus groups, including all of the Christian Republican voters?

News reports now appear to confirm that Sen. Sam Brownback is not exactly different from any other catholic, who all talk a good anti-abortion game, but when push comes to shove and they actually have an unwanted pregnancy, are first in line waiting on the front step of abortion clinics at opening time each morning.

These disturbing news reports indicate that Sen. Sam Brownback was not only pregnant, and had an abortion, but in all likelihood impregnated himself through a despicable act of self-fornication and degradation of his own bodily flesh.  All the while trying to pretend that he was not pregnant, but in fact was “simply carrying a large, unexplained abdominal mass.”

That last part sickens me to my Soul, as it implies that Sen. Sam Brownback would be the type of man who considers the holy unborn child Baby Jesus as little more than an unexplained abdominal mass.  This is, obviously, NOT the man we need running our Dominion.


One Response to “Did Sen. Sam Brownback have an abortion?”

  1. Wayne Robinson Says:

    I’m sorry. I apologise for suggesting that you must be clinically insane. After reading this posting, I am convinced that you are actually writing one of the most brilliant satires to have ever been published. i look forward to reading more of your writing.

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