The Ideal Republican Candidate

At noon supper prayers today, I asked God to reveal in His Wisdom, who would be an ideal Republican Presidential Candidate, in general terms, and how would we know it?

The Lord of God answered in this way: You will know the Ideal Republican Presidential Candidate as the One who promises, as part of his First 100 Day Agenda, to pardon and to release from prison or otherwise legally absolve from their Crimes and Felonies, whether alleged or proved, anyone who is a Christian Minister of the Faith (except catholic priests).

God explained to me in my prayers that Ministers of the Faith who have committed crimes were acting not of Free Will, but under the control of the Demonic Spirits of the Dark Beast Satan, and therefore not in command of their personal authorities and whatnot.


One Response to “The Ideal Republican Candidate”

  1. Wayne Robinson Says:

    Please tell me; which drugs are you on, and where can I get them? Anything that can create such a bizarre psychotic state, must be capable of inducing the most incredible hallucinations.

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