On the Persecution of Brother Bishop Weeks

In my visions last night, God thanked me for my tireless work for Rep. Tom Tancredo, who has smitten Sen. Sam Brownback in not only the Iowa Straw Polls, but in the Republican Faith community.

The Lord and God also asked me to look into the matter of Brother Bishop Weeks, who is being persecuted on this earth by all manner of deplorable and degrading criticism just because he is possessed by the Demons of Satan. and for actions and felonies of justice said possession caused Him to commit against his will even though it is quite likely he Never committed any such acts and is being framed by the Long Arm of White Justice.

Bishop Weeks is the Negro pastor of a nearby Congregation of The Faithful, The Global Destiny Church and is also the faithful Husband of the much better known, nationally visible Negro Evangelicatress and Prophettus minister, Jaunita Bynum. These Children of God have done SO much to keep their Negro congregation members from straying from the Arms of Jesus and have taught their culture many Acts of Holy Responsibility, as one example, the importance of tithing at a 25% gross income rate, even when such holy generosity drops members of the flock below the poverty level.

Bishop Weeks has recently been charged with a felony and persecuted further by the White Power Structure who operate under the false dominion of secular progressivists, for allegedly publicly beating and stomping upon and humiliating and threatening his wife Jaunita Bynum repeatedly and with great violence in a hotel parking lot.

Even if these accusations are true, they are unbelievable because of two things. First, a Man of God would NEVER do that to a Woman of God unless she had it coming to her, for example, because of her acts of perversity and fornication and infidelity. Second, these are clearly acts of Great Violence that can only be explained by Possession by Demons of Satan. Third, if Bishop Weeks in fact committed these Alleged Acts, He was meting out Justice of God and thus enjoys constitutional protection as this is a matter of religious practice.

Through Prayer and upon evaluation of all known facts in the case, God Reveals to me this is clearly a situation that is being Manipulated by the Dark Beast and His legion of Black Angels for the simple reason that this is NOT a situation where a man beats a woman, but a situation where one Minister of God beats another Minister of God.

That could ONLY happen if Satan was involved.

That the Government has embroiled itself in this affair by charging Brother Bishop Weeks with felony assault is all the evidence you need to elect Rep. Tom Tancredo as your next President of Our Holy Christian Dominion, who in his first 100 days in office will get the Government out of our Religion, while getting Our Religion back in our Government.


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