College Professor/Evilutionist Publicly Humiliates Award WinningTeenagers

Rep. Tom Tancredo has a plan to implement his agenda within 100 days of taking office as President of our United States Under God.

Rep. Tom is on the record as not believing in evilution, and as President, in point of fact proposes to put an end to evilution on day 57.

There are many reasons to put an end to evilution once and for all, not the least of which is because evilution directly contradicts Biblical Knowledge, which is The Word of God, which is Perfect and True, thereby provoking a Cult of Atheism that is eroding Faith in Our Dominion and the strength of our military forces.

But if that is not reason enough for you, try this one on for size: A despicable public act of Horror and Humiliation upon young Christians committed by a notorious and admitted college professor, secularist and evilutionist from Godless northern California, for whom carefully collected evidence from sophisticated interweb research shows that he may very likely be the 4th generation progeny of an incestuous coupling between Charles Darwin and a mexican harlot maid by the name of Isabella working under Darwin’s employ.

The Demon of Hate burns my fingertips as I summarize his singular act of depravity.

It seems a good Christian organization that exists only to promote the Will of God and, specifically, a more clear scientific understanding, achieved through Prayer, of His Special Creation, has conducted an open, WORLDWIDE scholarship contest. In this contest, students were asked to submit detailed essays using God’s tools of Scientific Logic and Reasoning to discuss the Glory of His Creation: Life, the Universe, and Everything.

But this atheist college professor has now published an internet report in which he mercilessly skewers the honest and difficult intellectual effort of these high school age students, as if completely unaware that they have already survived a difficult and bruising evaluation of their work by internationally revered judges. This adult atheist college professor is pointing to any number of picky and minor details, to false flaws he thinks he sees in their essays, apparently unaware of their delicate nature and sensitive egos.

I can’t see how child pornography would be considered a more abominable act of Christian Persecution!!! Acid tears are flowing down the cheeks of Baby Jesus, who is Mortified by the pain of His children.

One Response to “College Professor/Evilutionist Publicly Humiliates Award WinningTeenagers”

  1. krucz Says:

    At least they haven’t attempted to feed any of them to lions yet. Yet. The jerks.

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