Brownback throws in the towel: “Tancredo too formidable”

The Interwebs today are abuzz with rumors that God the Lord visited Sen. Sam Brownback in his Nightly Visions and told him to “step aside, and let Rep Tom Tancredo do My work on this Earth.”

Sen. Sam Brownback is rumored to have told his main campaign staff and key supporters, “Today, I will endorse Rep Tom Tancredo. He has proven to be a formidable opponent, one who’s ideas regarding impending cultural mongrelization and roaming packs of mexican rape squads and plans to wipe out political correctness before the first 100 days of his term are over are clearly setting the tone and the pace of this Entire Campaign. I know a winner when I see one, and I want to jump on Rep Tom Tancredo’s band wagon before the rest of the band jumps on and the only seat available is in front of the horn section.”

Brothers and Sisters, God the Father works in such wonderful and mysterious ways!!! To think He called Me as Witness for Rep. Tom AND then shows Us His Power and Glory in so short of time makes me tremble in humility.



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