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Rudy: “NYC sanctuary policy my doing”

August 23, 2007

While all the Republican candidates are hurrying to Jump On Rep Tom Tancredo’s anti-illegal alien platform before it leaves the station fixed to a train car with heavy duty chains, let’s take a second to pause and look at their positions before Rep. Tom Tancredo’s leadership pointed out how mexican rape squads and islamofascist illegal aliens were roaming the streats of our sanctuary cities.

In this transcript from Fox News, one can CLEARLY see that Rudy Giuliani  actually worked as mayor of NYC to establish it as the First Sanctuary City in the country, giving rights and the whole kitchen sink away to illegal aliens and the fornicators who they are related to.

This is all public knowledge, people, confirmed by the good people at FOX.  Rudy wants to give Our Dominion away!

Where in the world is Sam Brownback?

August 23, 2007


I’ll tell you where he is.


Out of the picture.

Way far behind the real leaders of this Campaign.  Probably fornicating with a Gay Homosexual in some Interstate rest stop.

And who has replaced him?  None other than Rep. Tom Tancredo, the #1 choice of Dominionists for Our Next President.

ONLY Rep. Tom Tancredo has made an issue of illegal immigration in his campaign, and now all the other pansy Republican candidates are getting the picture that, yes, the voter is sick and tired of illegal immigration and the mexican rape squads it fosters!  We are sick and tired of sanctuary cities!  We are sick and tired of ordering our Wendy’s Supersized Value Meals from PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE THE DECENCY TO SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE!!!

And who is leading God-fearing, Christian voters to this realization?  Not the follower Sam Brownback.   Has Sen Sam Brownback taken the lead on ANY issue in this campaign?  Of course not!   Not Ron Paul, who is little more than an instrument of European  muslim special interests whose ultimate goal is to defile our women and children and use our Great Country to conduct acts of perversion and fornication that they can’t do in their own countries or else they’d be executed.

People, God has called me trough night time visions and day time Prayer to Support Rep. Tom Tancredo on the Interwebs!  And now I can see the Power of His Plan and you should too.

Do NOT dismiss Rep Tom Tancredo.  He is a bulldog against illegal immigration and many other issues on his platform, including evolution and political correctness.

He is the answer to Strong Christian Prayer!!

Praise to Him!!

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