Christians can do that, too!

Elitists persecute Christians all the time, and try to make people think we are backwards homebodies with our noses buried in the Lords Word, His Bible. That the world is just a passing us by. Pffffffffffttttt!!!

We’re smart enough to do EXACTLY what elitists do after they invent something.  We just do it with more purity of Heart and for the Lord’s Glory.

  • Elitists, through their religion of natural secularism and its High Priest Darwin, concocted the Theory of Evilution. Fair enough. Through Scriptures and Prayer, Christians developed The Theory of Creation Science. Unlike Darwinism, who’ve been desperately holding on to their main theory for over a hundred years, Christians have maintained an open mind, so much so we’ve been able to advance our creation theory to become The Theory of Intelligent Design.
  • The teenage children of elitists would play musical instruments in their basements and garages, while fornicating and consuming mind altering drugs, growing their hair long, and eventually invented Rock n’ Roll, as a genre of music ‘celebrating’ the rebellion of youth, godless creativity and rejection of their parents way of life. Christians, meanwhile, invented Christian Rock which looks and sounds exactly like Rock n’ Roll, so it is just as cool, but instead represents a genre of music that celebrates the Good, God Fearing Christian values of obedience and conformity.
  • Elitists invented YouTube to spread the word of godless fornicators and the Demon they worship, and then Christians invented GodTube.

Message to elitists: Anything you invent we can invent better!!!


2 Responses to “Christians can do that, too!”

  1. rbenhase Says:

    Perhaps Christians should be counter-cultural instead of sub-cultural; instead of “copying” pop culture and “claiming it for Jesus,” why don’t we actually attempt to engage culture and create culture?

    If you’re going to pull out of culture and invent your own alternative, you’re not going to make a difference in anything. And mere politics cannot accomplish what a true counter-cultural movement can.

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    You have given me a revelation:

    We engage and create culture by claiming culture for Jesus AND protecting Our Culture from mongrelization.

    And I so much agree that we should operate above, not below, the Hum of Pop Culture, so they can Hear His Message.

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful conversation, and please vote for Rep. Tom.

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