Brownback Running Dirty Tricks Campaign

Well, it is time to get back to what we are here to do: Making sure that Rep. Tom Tancredo is elected as next President of Our Dominion.

To start things off, let me first say that Sen. Sam Brownback is NOT the patriot he would like you to think he is, or the Christian a lot of Baptists would like you to think he is either.

Reports from ‘boots on the ground’ indicate Brownback is running a dirty, dirty, ugly, filthy and very unChristian campaign. In the recent Iowa Straw Poll, disinformation spread by Brownback and his supporters ended up stranding elderly people in 100 heat waiting for buses that never came, almost killing them. Furthermore, Brownpack paid, on average, $411 to illegal aliens to cast ballots for him in the poll. Finally, there were many, many, many other voting irregularities that raise doubts about the integrity Under God of Brownbacks 3rd place finish and suggest that, if they didn’t do these vile political tricks, Rep. Tom Tancredo would have probably won the Iowa Straw Poll. This is hardly what we’d expect from a good Christian man who Loves God.

Other important information from these reports:

  • Rep. Tom Tancredo’s speeches are so stirring, even small children who haven’t learned how to talk yet raise their fists in the air and scream, “Yeah!!!” when Rep. Tom get’s a going on cultural mongrelization.
  • Extremely impressive calculations now show that the United States Government currently spends almost $350 billion per year on dealing with illegal aliens that it can’t even deport!  This is almost the cost of what it takes each month to fight and kill terrorists in Iraq and Afghaministan!!
  • The State of Iowa State Fair has hit a new low by printing out its program this year in bilingual, effectively slamming the State Fair door in the faces of loyal Rep. Tom Tancredo supporters.
  • The Fair and Balanced Fox News is beginning to seem like it is not very fair and balanced, because it is not covering Rep. Tom Tancredo’s campaign, and is in fact giving more coverage to Hillariously–which is stupid because nobody who watches Fair and Balanced Fox News is going to vote for her anyway. So they should give more coverage to Rep. Tom Tancredo

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