Is God working through Gay Homosexuals to help Tom Tancredo-discreetly, of course

Brothers and Sisters in God-

As Christians, it is always tempting to damn the sodomites and fornicators, including Gay Homosexuals, to the Hell Fires of the Demon, as their lives are an abomination and cause tears of acid to fall down the cheeks of Our Baby Jesus.

This much we can all agree upon, except perhaps Liberal catholics, but what more can one say about catholics that hasn’t already been said.

But who are we to stand in judgment on these matters?  Revelation through Bible Scripture can be somewhat mixed on this matter, depending upon one’s verse.

Luke 6:37 tells us, “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned.

Yet, Amos 3:2 teaches, ” You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you all for your iniquities.

So though I can condemn my Brothers and Sisters in Christ for supporting Sen. Sam Brownback, I can also understand why they pray so hard for the Eternal damnation of unrepentant fornicators, sodomites and illegal aliens.

From my interwebs research, a little known fact is emerging.  Many Gay Homosexual sodomites and fornicators have certain favorable qualities, almost as if God is trying to work His Plan through them, despite of their evil wickedness and disgusting acts of perversion and depravity.

For example, I am certain Team Tancredo would discreetly and quietly welcome the campaign contribution dollars and votes, but probably not an overt endorsement at this time,  from the Gay Patriots, a group of conservatives who, despite the Dark Mark on their Souls, are as strident in their conservatives as any other respectable, God-fearing and Jesus-loving Christian, especially in their opposition to our governments open border policy, one that is allowing roaming packs of mexican rape squads to terrorize our lands.

Rather than condemn Gay Patriots for their sinfulness and depravity, shouldn’t we pray for their souls, or at the very least, use them for our objectives?

They can help us elevate Rep Tom Tancredo as Our President, and after they’ve helped us, if they don’t renounce sodomy and fornication, perhaps we can then can damn them to Hellfire?

It is just a thought.  I’m trying to think ‘outside the box’ with innovative ways to Save Our Republic from muslims and other illegal aliens.

I think we have a better chance of getting these conservative homosexuals behind Rep. Tom Tancredo than we have in getting the secular-progressives or atheists on our side.  I’ve tried to speak with those individuals, but they are very obstinate and hateful, and their hearing is closed to the Word.

God works in mysterious ways, and who are we to reject God’s plan of working through fornicators and sodomists to stop illegal immigration and terrorism.  As odd as it seems, it is so odd that maybe only Our Lord would come up with such a plan?

What do you think?


One Response to “Is God working through Gay Homosexuals to help Tom Tancredo-discreetly, of course”

  1. unknown Says:

    they who dwell on things are usually fascinated by them

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