Saudi’s Using Abraham and Ismail as Human Shields

At noon supper prayer, I asked Jesus why he was crying.  At first he said it could wait, that he didn’t want to disturb my meal.  But I pressed him on it.

“Remember when Rep. Tom Tancredo threatened to Nuke Mecca?” he asked of me.

I answered, “Lord Jesus!!  Do I ever!!”

“Then go to the Interwebs My Son, and you will find evidence that the muslim dogs are keeping hostages at the Kaaba in order to prevent a bombing.”

I asked Jesus of Glory to please don’t tell me they have Christian brothers and sisters hostage.

“No, Rev. Paul T.  It is not that bad.  But they do have Abraham and his son Ismail locked up in the cube, prophets I can ill afford to lose at this time what with the coming apocalypse and all, even if they are jews.”


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