Gay Homosexual Admiration for Popular Figures and NASCAR drivers

As we’ve discussed before, Gay homosexuals are easily spotted by their obsessions. For example, any male walking into a theater performance by the comedienne Kathy Griffin is almost certainly a Gay homosexual.

It now appears that gay homosexuals are quickly loosing their obsession with Brother Chuck Norris, who unlike gay homosexuals, has accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior.

This presents an opening for them to shift their allegiances to another tough guy star.

I predict the next “tough guy that gay homosexuals will admire most” will be none other than Survival expert, international speaker, mountaineer, author, TV star and former British Special Forces officer Bear Grylls, mostly because of his accent. Subconsciously, Gay homosexuals will be very attracted to him, unaware of his Deep Faith in Christianity. Gay homosexuals will be pulled to Bear Grylls by the Power of Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

I am conducting extensive interweb research on which NASCAR driver the Gay homosexual most prefers, so we can support the other ones. Right now, it appears a toss up between Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon


One Response to “Gay Homosexual Admiration for Popular Figures and NASCAR drivers”

  1. Doug Says:

    I love Jimmie Johnson. I’d handle his drive shaft.

    I’d swallow Kyle Busch too. I love bad boys.

    Kasey Kahne is a close third for me too.

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