Atheists who are Preoccupied with Religion

Clicking around on the interwebs, I’m finding it common to see interweb sites like this one, where atheists embroil themselves in a deep discussion arguing about whether The Godless Cult of Scientology is a actually a religion.

I asked God in Prayer what this means and he Revealed to me, that for a bunch of godless atheists, you evilutionists elitists seem pretty dern overly preoccupied with religions.

God tells me this as represents a sign you are subconsciously looking for God to Save your Souls in His bosom.

In answer to your questions, the most cult-like religions (from highest to lowest) are:

muslims, catholics, jews, mormons, darwinists, pagans, episcopalians, unitarians (for homosexuals only), free masons and quakers

When you find God, you would be well-served to avoid any of these denominations.  To be closest to the Word of God, I would highly recommend an evangelical denomination, such as a Dominionist church.


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