Welcome to Team Tancredo Mr. Karl Rove!!!

As long as this is not some act of perversion on the part of the mainstream liberal media, it appears that in answer to Christian Prayers the world over, Mr. Karl Rove has just announced his resignation as an advisor to President George W. Bush in fulfillment of a prayer I made to God and a subsequent vision from God I received last night!!!

Mr. Rove is now in an excellent position to join Rep. Tom Tancredo’s campaign, already rolling at top speed following his victory in the Iowa Straw Polls this weekend. To have a man of Mr. Roves experience join the Tancredo campaign will most certainly cause Sen. Sam Brownback and the other Republican candidates to drop out.

I can almost hear the mexican rape squads sneaking back out of this Country they have invaded.

A Prayer of Thanks

Dear God who Answers Prayer in Uncomprehensible Mystery, Thank you for delivering Mr. Karl Rove to True Dominionists who are trying with All YOUR Might to preserve the culture of your Great Republic on Earth. Please Give Mr. Rove the Wisdom and Integrity to join Team Tancredo, who among all the Republican Conservative Presidential Candidates is in the Best Position to Protect us from foreign the mysogenists who are illegally spreading across our land.


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