When it says “Dial 1” for English, Just HANG UP!!!

Next time I’m on the phone and an automatic operator says, “Please Press 1 for English” I’m a gonna just hang it up!!

I’m going to boycott that company.

Last night my on satellite TV stations, I was watching a very expensive pay-per-view channel that and I went into the bathroom to get some Kleenex to wipe my self up. But when I got back, suddenly the picture lost reception and I wasn’t able to finish watching.

So I called my satellite TV provider and got a recorded message. And the first number I had to dial was 1 so that I could hear things in English.

Well, I can hear things in mexican, chinko, russian, swahili and even jap. BUT I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!!!! And why in the heck are languages being talked in the United States of America Under God that Americans CAN’T Understand???

I KNOW that Tom Tancredo will put a stop to that, but in the meantime, I am praying to God that we all boycott those companies SO they get the message that they are in America and that they are making American money. And if you want my American Money, you better speak American to me AND I BETTER BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND IT!


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