Iowa Straw Poll Results: Great Moral Victory for Team Tancredo!!

I prayed to God last night for the Guidance of His Wisdom.

He asked me to tell everyone that since several Republican Presidential candidates chose not to become involved in the recent Iowa Straw Poll voting contest, the results are completely meaningless.  Even more so because Mitt Romney and Sen. Sam Brownback essentially ‘bought’ all of their votes, whereas Rep. Tom Tancredo brought voters in through the power of his persuasion.

I think the results prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Voters in our Blessed REPUBLIC are waking up to Rep. Tom’s message that if we don’t do something NOW about the horrible amnesty proposals, packs of mexican rape squads will be roaming our streets and roads.

Once people understand this, I worry mostly about how much that Rep. Tom’s campaign will be overwhelmed with  support from real, God-Fearing Christians.


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