Iowa Creationists: Tancredo is Our Man!!!

Continued sub-analysis of the Iowa Straw Poll vote this past weekend shows that Rep. Tom Tancredo has been a major draw, responsible for bringing creationists back to the Republican Party even thought it presently has characters like Sen. Sam Brownback. Because Rep. Tom Tancredo ran in the Iowa Straw Poll, a RESOUNDING 47.12836% of the votes went to those Republican candidates who have been brave enough to openly question the validity of Darwin’s little theory. Without Tom Tancredo’s contribution, this number would have been substantially less than the near majority that it is.

Clearly, this shows that all the Republicans have to do to win the Oval Office in 2008 is 1) get the God-fearing voters out there to vote, and 2) jettison Sen. Sam Brownback, who is almost certain to become embroiled in a scandal involving homosexual relations and acts of perversity at interstate rest stops very, very soon.


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