Straw Poll in Ames Iowa TODAY!! Vote for Rep. Tom!!!

A short prayer: Dear God the Father of All Creation, please stir the spirits of the people of Iowa who are at least 18 and older by Nov 7, and show them the buses set up by the Tancredo campaign, and have those buses deliver those spirits to the beautiful polling station guarded overnight by members of the Tom Tancredo campaign.

Today is the 2nd Most Important day in the history of Our Great Republic. Indeed, the Future of Our Republic and our God-fearing way of life Turns on todays Straw Poll Vote in Ames Iowa!!!

Now I’m not much of a political operative, but through the revelation of prayer God has taught me that who ever comes in 2nd will be allowed to continue to campaign for Presidency whereas lower finishers will be out of the race. The philanderer and fornicator Mitt Romney will come in first place, but only because he has the money of the jews and other northeastern aggressors, including the mainstream media–and God intends to shine his white light of truth on Mr Mitt Romney–who is for NAFTA and against building a wall to prevent mexicans from streaming over our southern border, and who thinks mexicans deserve to be treated in our hospitals– in due course.

So this is a chance to once and for all get Sen. Sam Brownback off the campaign trail and down on his knees, where he belongs, asking for the forgiveness of God Almighty.


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