Romney to Brownback: “Be my VP, Sam?”

Last night when I was sleeping, God moved my spirit with a vision.

In this vision, the Jew-lover Mitt Romney from the northeastern liberal elite state of Massachusetts was meeting secretly with Sen. Sam Brownback in a rest stop bathroom stall on Interstate 80 in Iowa while accidentally taking a stop on the campaign trail at THE EXACT SAME PLACE.

When they were finished, Mitt Romney, with his hands on his knees, turned around, looked up to Sen. Sam Brownback and asked, “Sam, if I win the Republican nomination, as I most certainly will because my campaign has the mainstream media in my back pocket, I would like for you to be my running mate.”

Sam Brownback answered, “Certainly.  But let’s just hope Tom Tancredo never hears about this deal, or else he is the kind of man who would blow this wide open.”

The Lord works in mysterious ways and I am so Thankful that He chooses me to share this knowledg.


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