Ugly, Dirty, Hateful and Sinful Rumors

It has been alleged by others elsewhere that I am in collaboration with my brothers and sister in Christ, wayward though they are, at Baptists for Brownback 2008.

I can not answer those allegations directly to the allegator because I have sworn before God not to proselytize further on Professor PZ Meyers interweb, because my presence there clearly causes pain, harsh words and dissension and tears on the cheeks of Jesus because it exposes so many hateful atheists. Plus I have also learned they are not receptive to discussing the merits of Rep. Tom Tancredo’s candidacy for the Nomination of the President of the United States of America.

As proof that we Dominionist’s are not collaborators with the Baptists for Brownback let me offer the following two pieces of evidence:

1) God called me to this Cause only a few days ago during my morning prayer. I did NOT invite this burden. God pointed me to the interweb only a couple of days ago and asked me to Serve His Purpose. I didn’t even know how to use the interweb very well until yesterday, except to go to certain interweb sites for my biblical research.

2) Baptists for Brownback has been possessed by the Demon on the interweb for two or three months!!! Don’t you think I would have been with them from the start if I was a collaborator? But Ionly started the day before yesterday!!!

3) God gives his Children difficult, superhuman tasks—and this certainly is Hard–there are many cold hearts I need to warm before Rep. Tom Tancredo fulfills His Destiny.

4) The Baptists for Brownback have listed me as Hellbound. I know for some of you, especially atheists, jews and muslims, it is difficult to understand how Hurtful this is to a Christian. But the Sinners at Baptist for Brownback, who I pray for God to Love, certainly know how hurtful this is to me. Otherwise they wouldn’t have done it.

5) As all evidence points to a MAJOR VICTORY for Tom Tancredo in the coming Iowa Straw Poll, and while the popularity of Sam Brownback coincidentally drops like an axe in a pond–and don’t expect no miracle–the Sinners at the Baptist for Brownback Interweb are ascared that their candidate will fold and are lashing out even at Good Jesus-loving, God-fearing Christians like myself.

6) I just close my eyes and pray and I see how Jesus suffered SO MUCH MORE for me, and that is the ONLY reason I won’t quit. That and HOW MUCH I believe that ONLY Tom Tancredo can deliver OUR COUNTRY from the threat of Islamic terrorism and Mexican rapists.

Secondly, and this is ALL I will say on the matter. Look at how slick the Baptist for Brownback interweb is, with all of its cool pictures and interweb gizmos. Compare that to our simple and plain interweb design. I ask you to pray to God and ask God, “Which of these two Interwebs is run by Christian Idolatrists?” I am not accusing them of being Catholics, but they sure look a lot more like that than Christians if you ask me.


2 Responses to “Ugly, Dirty, Hateful and Sinful Rumors”

  1. dirk gently Says:

    i wonder – is there a mormons for romney site? if so, would you collaborate with them to put baptists for brownback in their place?

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Any collaboration with mormons would be sacrilege, abomination and perfurdity. That just can’t happen. At all.

    And did you know that Gov Mitt Romney IS ON RECORD supporting bilingualization and amnesty for illegal aliens? Not only that, he comes from the Political Correctness Capital of the World.

    I don’t know how Rep. Tom Tancredo can even get on the same stage with that man for debates.

    God will fulfill His plan regarding Sen Sam Brownback and the Baptists who errantly support him. What is coming to him won’t be a pretty sight, unless you are a Rep. Tom Tancredo supporter.

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