Rep. Tom’s position on Gay Marriage.

This article by an atheist college professor elitist got me to thinking about Rep. Tom Tancredo’s position on Gay Marriage. Of course, it is another issue where he and Sen. Sam Brownback, who supports Gay Marriage, disagree. As President of Our Republic, Rep. Tom Tancredo JUST WON’T ALLOW IT.

Well, surprise! Surprise! SURPRISE! It turns out, the elite liberal scientists HAVE NO IDEA where homosexuality comes from. They’re going to spend all day today arguing about whether homo’s come from hormones or from genes. And they are going to beg the government for money to research it and research it and research it. Well, an administration led by Rep. Tom Tancredo won’t spend a cent “researching” this problem and making excuses for the behavior of homo’s.

If they want the REAL TRUTH, which has been amply researched already, they simply need to drop on their knee’s and ask God for Answers. And He would reveal that predation upon children by homosexuals causes these children to grow up and choose homosexuality. And, of course, these predators act on the Will of the Demon. Therefore, the Demon is the route cause of homo’s and anybody who thinks its there genes or their hormones is doing the work of the False Prophet of Darkness. And of course, salvation from homosexuality is a simple as prayer to Our Lord.

Rep. Tom Tancredo understands that people choose to be homosexual, and so our republic can choose not to let homosexuals get married.


3 Responses to “Rep. Tom’s position on Gay Marriage.”

  1. GOD Says:

    Reverend, I know your heart of hearts, please come out of the closet and stop buggering everyone. Lusting after the guy in the last cover of TigerBeat magaSIN is not doing any good to your prospects of being admitted through my holey gates, so just cut it out already!

  2. wil Says:

    To continue the human race we need to have a man with a woman, period!
    If you want to debate it go to RiledUp. They’re in the middle of a heated debate right now.

  3. R Says:

    Right on, Reverend.

    And to the first poster, please get counseling and stop projecting. You are intolerant, but then again it never goes both ways does it? You can disrespect Christians and religion and still demand respect for YOUR lifestyle.

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