Christian Youth for Tancredo project on the roll

At prayer this morning after my shower, God implored me to mobilize our youth and get them on the Side of Rep. Tom Tancredo. God knows that our Youth can play a role in the salvation of their future from misogyny and bilingualization.

This afternoon, I will be meeting with our Church Youth Group, boys who are between the age of 10 and 14. We will pray to God for ways they can become involved in Rep. Tom’s campaign. If you know of any God-fearing Christian boys in this age range who would like to become involved, please send them our way. Tell them we have a swimming pool behind the church and that we also do farming-for-the-poor, in which the boys take off their shirts and toil under the hot summer sun for the Glory of God serving the poor.

I will have to work to get a Facebook interweb and a MySpace interweb to find more and more such boys.

And I have Good News to share on polling results. Some people thing Rep. Tom will do not only well in the Iowa Straw Vote, but VERY well. More on that later.

How is Sen. Sam Brownback doing in Iowa. Let’s just say God is Working in Iowa just as hard as Tom Tancredo.

So much to do, but God serves me so well!


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