Proof that God Answers Prayer

Last night, before bed, I prayed to Our Lord for strength and wisdom, so that I can promote the candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo, and draw Sinners away from the path of Sen. Sam Brownback.

This morning, after I awoke, God Revealed to me how to post video links on my sidebar!!! I feel the Spirit move me as I learn more and more how to use the Interweb to Reveal His Truth!!! I’ve now posted some Outstanding Videos of Rep. Tom, tackling important issues, like the myth of global warming, Immigrants, looming bilingualism if we don’t do something about it, and Lies and Obfuscation about Rep. Tom that is being spread by Sen. Sam Brownback.

Watch that last one and answer me this: Now who Really is going God’s mission on this Earth? Rep. Tom Tancredo, of course.

My website is not all glittzy and neat with great gizmos and things….YET.  But I have Such Faith In The Lord that He will make that happen!!!  I feel so Blessed that it Humbles me.


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