Only Tancredo will fight against political correctness

Not Sam Brownback.

Does Sam Brownback have a specific position on political correctness in his platform?  No he does not.

Here is how Tom Tancredo will fight against political correctness, and exorcise it from the very protoplasm of Our Country’s soul:

In rational debate, the argument against something is that it is false not that it is hurtful. But political correctness has poisoned the climate for dealing with difficult issues and has returned us to the days when a sufficient counter-argument was that an idea was contrary to doctrine. A democracy that cannot tolerate debate on controversial issues cannot function.

Does Sam Brownback really think that Our Lord and Savior will base his Judgment Day decisions on political correctness?  Then why does Sam Brownback support political correctness.  I’ll tell you, Sam Brownback is a God-fearing Dominionist the way a Serpent has your best interests in mind.  Pfffffghhhhh.


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