A Rhetorical Platform Position on Science Research for Rep. Tom

If the straight-talking, no bull about Him Tom Tancredo had a platform position on science research, I’m sure it would be as follows:

University Professors, atheists and other elitist liberals tell us that Evilution is a scientific fact.   If it is such a fact, then why do they keep coming to the government to beg for money so they can perform more research on it?  Do they think that will make it more of a fact?

I’ll tell you a FACT: Nowhere in the Holy Bible or in the Constitution  of the United States of America Under God does it say that government is obligated to give scientists money for research.

Therefore,  God will guide Tom Tancredo to withhold federal funds that support scientific research on issues that are already facts, including but not limited to evilution, global warming and AIDS.


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