Sam Brownback has Amnesty Amnesia, God sure doesn’t

Nor does Tom Tancredo! In fact, Tom Tancredo KNOWS EXACTLY what Sam Brownback’s record is on Bilingualization:

Fact #1. Senator Brownback voted to give amnesty to illegal aliens in 2006 and 2007. (SB 2611 5/25/06, SB 1639 6/28/07)

Fact #2. Senator Brownback voted for the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill. (SA 3985 5/18/06)

Fact #3. Senator Brownback wants to give Social Security Benefits to illegal immigrants. (Americans for better Immigration, CNN 6/29/07)

Senator Brownback is suffering from what is called “amnesty amnesia”. It is a contagious ailment spreading rapidly through the ranks of the Republican presidential candidates.

Given these three FACTS AND the FACT that our Lord Jesus Christ and His HOLY Father give us this beautiful earth and dominion over it, INCLUDING DOMINION OVER THE UNITED States of AMERICA—I ask you, who do you think GOD SUPPORTS in 2008?

Here is a little Hint: it is NOT Sam “Open the Doors and Let all the Brown People In” Brownback.

And you know how I know?  Because it is a medical FACT that the Demon causes things like seizures and other mental diseases, like amnesia.


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